Monday, 29 March 2010

On the radio...!

Yikes, they've put me on the radio...!

Amongst several items today, the last edition of BBC Radio Scotland's Past Lives series looked into the history of Glaswegian firm R. and J. Dicks Ltd, which was famous a hundred years ago for synthetic rubber shoes made from guttapercha resin - the original 'gutties'. As well as descendants of the family, yours truly was also interviewed, as my great grandfather's loyalty to the firm led to his untimely death as a civilian in occupied Brussels during the First World War, where he had been trapped with his family following the war's outbreak.

The programme also looks at the original co-operative movement in Fenwick, and more. It can be listened to again via the BBC's iPlayer for the next seven days at

(Thanks to Mark Stephen and Debbie McPhail at the Beeb)

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