Friday, 12 March 2010

New site

From someone called Nigel in Fenstanton (Cambridgeshire)!

I have just unleashed onto the unsuspecting Public.

Following the death of a close family member, I was infuriated and worse, at the outrageous charges the local newspaper made for posting just a small obituary.

It made me think through the whole 'death notices' thing and I pondered how some persons are at their lowest ebb when trying to attend to the small details. I felt that possibly many were either disturbed at the whole horrible process and therefore would say "Yes" to anything just to be able to end the telephone conversation, or they were suffering the modern-day piety/mawkishness and want to spend as much as possible 'to show how much they cared...' - regardless the 'local rags' love it!

So I created - which is an on-line repository for all notices of Births, Deaths, Marriages, Engagements, Anniversaries and Missing Persons.

This has the advantage of being world-wide, unlike the 'local rag' and better still - is free.

If you get bored and want to have a fiddle please feel free!

Please feel free to help yourself and post anything which is relevant and appropriate - and it doesn't have to be current. Details of 'Auntie Millie born in 1896' is just as relevant as a modern-day wedding notice.

If you like it, please tell your friends .........& if you don't just tell me!

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