Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mitchell Library's Family History Department

Let it not be said that the rapier like reflexes of this wee shuggy don't spring into action at the slightest hint of genealogical news. Let that not even be said when I am several weeks late with discovering or announcing it...! :)

I was in the Mitchell Library today doing some work for a client on the second floor, and when finished, I made my way upstairs to the family history room. "It's quiet", thought I, "just like the last time I was up two weeks ago". I was half way through looking up an electoral roll when I suddenly twigged, with frightening ferocity, that where I was sitting had previously been occupied by a microfilm reader! You know that sense of dawning realisation in a movie when all the plot pieces come together to finally reveal the cuplrit? It was nothing like that - I'd just missed the bleeding obvious (twice!)!

A few weeks past the Family History Department began its move from the third floor room of the Mitchell, where it has been since the dawn of time (give or take a few months), and into the adjoining room which previously held the computer suite. So if you are looking to do research at the Mitchell, be advised that the previous room occupied by the department still holds the electoral rolls, Calendars of Confirmation, Irish MIs, and various other records, but that the bulk of the microfilms and fiche for census and OPR records are now next door. In the new bit. Along with the staff...

The move has been prompted by the forthcoming arrival of the Strathclyde Area Genealogy Centre from Park Circus, Glasgow, to the Mitchell, which has been long on the cards. It is currently believed that this might happen later this year in the summer, but don't hold me to that! But things do look like they are beginning to happen...

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