Friday, 5 March 2010

Go on my son! 3rd place in Burns poetry competition...!

I am now about to abuse my blog for personal ends....!

My wee son Jamie aged 5 just came third in the regional heat here in Largs for the North Ayrshire Burns Poetry competition, and is now through to the county final! He recited a poem entitled Roguey Pogey:

Roguey Poguey Pickety Peel
My sister is a richt wee de'il
She nips ma lugs and rugs ma hair
Scatters ma toys aa owre the flair
She laughs and thinks it is great fun
But then her age is only one!

Next year it'll be wee sleekit mousies and everything! Not quite yer name in lights wee man - but ye made it to the blog! :)

Scotland's Greatest Story


Carol said...

Good for Jamie and good luck with the next part :)

Chris Paton said...

Many thanks - he's a richt wee de'il himself at times, but he's done good today! :)


DianaR said...

How great! And totally appropriate for a Scottish Genealogy's family history in the making :-)

Family Tree Gal, Carolyn said...

Hooray for Jamie! I enjoyed the blog.

Chris Paton said...


Anonymous said...

The apple does not fall far from the tree....
Love your poem wee Jamie.
Your quite a laddie.
From a Granny for California

P.S. Chris, I just purchased your book thru the ParishChest
Looking forward to receiving.

Chris Paton said...

Hope you enjoy it!