Saturday, 13 March 2010

1901 Irish census release date to slip again?

The following from 'Wicklow Rose' on the Rootschat forum indicates that the Irish 1901 census release date is going to slip again:

I was at a seminar at the National Library in Dublin yesterday when Catriona Crowe of the National Archives gave the latest update on the digitisation of the 1901 census.

It seems there have been some problems (no surprises, there!) but the records will go online before middle of June and they will be released in one fell swoop, not in tranches as the 1911, and with full search facilities under all fields. However, in order to meet that schedule, the records will be released without a full check having been performed. So we should expect more initial errors and omissions than the 1911 had.

In other words, the 'early' 2010 of the original estimate of release was optimistic. The 'mid' 2010 might just be met!

And also:

...the present problem with checking is the shedding of staff at the NAI. This isn't likely to get any better any time soon. So they take the view that if they waited to release the records in 'perfect' state, it would never be launched. A similar view prevailed with the 1911 but it seems that release had had at least some level of inspection prior to launch. This time there won't be any.

Amendments after launch, as with the 1911, will be ongoing but dictated by staff resources.

For more visit the thread at,426305.0.html.

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Possibly now 3rd June launch!!!

See Rootschat post:;topicseen