Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Who Do You Think You Are? Live - see you there!

It's that time of year again, when I stop typing, and start wandering in a sort of vague London direction. The blizzards we've been experiencing in the south west of Scotland today (and scheduled for tomorrow) aside, I should hopefully be flying down tomorrow in preparation for the event on Friday. On Ryanair no less - this shuggy is pulling out all the stops!

For most of the time I'll be working on the Robert Blatchford Publishing stall (number 811), selling the latest Family and Local History Handbook (12). If you don't have a copy, your life, in a research sense, may not be complete! Packed with articles, goodies, and a comprehensive 'yellow pages' of the major archives, societies, organisations and all round good eggs who can help with your research, it's a book that will leave you genealogically naked if you haven't yet got one. (OK, could be overdoing it here, but it is a very good read!).

For a short time on Sunday I will also be on the Pharos Teaching and Tutoring Ltd stall (number 75), helping to promote the online genealogy courses provided, including my Scottish Research Online course, which next starts on April 14th.

If you have a Scottish research query, I'll be happy to give my two cents worth wherever I am, and I'll of course write up a summary of some of the big or interesting developments I may come across whilst there when I get back. As such, this blog is now being mothballed for the next four days, but if you want to keep up to date, I'm going to tweet like a bird throughout, so do keep an eye out on my Twitter account for any interesting news! :)

I've included a pic of my ugly mug top right of this post, so you know who to vent at when you see me. Don't forget also that my new book should hopefully be on sale there too (see link above).

Yikes - I'd better get an early night! Chi mi gu luath sibh...

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