Monday, 8 February 2010

ScotlandsPeople Centre computer system - births and library update

More from the Scotlands People Centre!

The centre's computer system, which was built to replace the old DIGROS system, has been given some enhancements on the births search screens for both statutory and OPR images.

For starters the blue column on the left of screen has been given a deeper blue shade to make the white lettering stand out some more.

For year searches, if you wish to search one year only, you only need to fill in the first year field.

The bottom of the search results page can be instantly reached by pressing “End”.

Results can be sorted on any column and on multiple columns by holding down the shift key while selecting columns.

Rather brilliantly, new buttons at the bottom of the screen will now allow you to step through a range of years one at a time, replicating a useful feature on the old DIGROS system (see pic below).

On a birth search, the code has also been amended to bring back the name supplied in addition to all those with blanks if the mother's maiden name is entered for searches before 1929, where such information is stored infrequently.

More generally, saving to and printing from favourites is now working properly on the system.

All changes to the system will be in operation from this Wednesday 10th.

It is also worth noting that the centre's library catalogue ( has been updated again and now contains some 85% of the material available at the centre, which can be ordered up for consultation. The books currently available in the Dundas Room will soon be re-ordered to provide a better repesentative sample of material held by the GROS, and coming soon to the collection will be a new fourth Statistical Account for East Lothian.

(With thanks again to the ScotlandsPeople Centre)

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