Thursday, 18 February 2010

Glasgow's Museum of Transport to close in April

Glasgow's Museum of Transport, located at Kelvin Hall for the last 22 years, is to close on April 18th, a year before its replacement is due to open in spring 2011. Prior to its closure there will be a fortnight of free events, and then a closing ceremony.

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Audrey said...

Sad to see it go, but the new one should be good. I just hope they still have the old Glasgow underground station exhibit, complete with its distinctive, and quite indescribable, aroma.

Chris Paton said...

That was good, wasn't it?! :)


Geniaus said...

That's a shame. We really enjoyed our visit a few years ago as well as the fabulous Glasgow Town Hall - two gems.

I hope the new Museum is just as good - will visit when next we head to Scotland from Dowunder.