Tuesday, 9 February 2010

British Library 19th century newspapers update

OK, a further update on the recently announced update to the British Library 19th Century Newspapers Collection.

The 100,000 pages announced as having been uploaded in December 2009 have been placed online via the institutional subscription version of the 19th centry newspapers site, but only in the UK at present. This is the first batch of a total 1 million pages to be uploaded to the site in the spring, when the whole lot will also be made available to worldwide higher and further education institutions in one release.

Unfortunately, here's the bummer bit - there is currently no timescale for putting the additional 1 million pages onto the public site at this stage. The public site will therefore continue with 49 titles and around 2 million pages for the foreseeable future.

This basically means that if you are waiting for the Dundee Courier and other new titles, it may still be a long wait before they appear at
http://newspapers.bl.uk/blcs. Time to start making friends with some friendly students...!


Scotland's Greatest Story


Beth said...

Chris - Am most interested in the British Library additions - are you able to provide a link which enumerates them? Even if I cannot at present access the new pages / content, I'd like more details!

Chris Paton said...

Hi Beth - see http://tinyurl.com/yb5yvua for the list