Monday, 1 February 2010

1939 England and Wales: new service at £42 per look up

The National Health Service Information centre has just contacted me to let me know about its new policy for searches in the 1939 National Register (see 1939 NHS 'census' to be made available in England and Wales) - and it is going to be expensive, at a cost of £42 per look up. If a search is unsuccessful, there will be no refund given.

For full details of terms and condition, where to send your cheque, who to pay it to, and for an application form, visit

UPDATE: There's been some speculation about whether this is an interim service prior to a database launch, or the real deal. I've sought to clarify this with the press officer at the NHSIC - this is his comment:

As far as I am aware this is the definitive method (i.e. of access). I am not aware of any plans to work with a commercial partner to make the data accessible by other means.

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