Friday, 8 January 2010

WorldVitalRecords - endless spamming

World Vital Records ( offers a great deal of useful material on its site, and I have on many occasions in the past plugged new British releases there, and will continue to do so when I make discoveries which I think will be of benefit for those carrying out their Scottish family history research.

However, I do not currently have a subscription with them, simply because at present I do not have a great deal of time to do much on my own family history research. The fact that I do not have a subscription is my decision, and I would humbly ask World Vital Records to stop e-mailing me constantly every day, in some cases, many times a day, to ask me to avail myself of their latest special offers, usually in the form of a massive discount on the last day of whatever promotion they are currently offering, which, just to add, seems to be every day at present.

A simple way to stop the spamming is to use the block sender facility on my Outlook Express, to prevent any of their newsletters from coming through. Alternatively, if World Vital Records could perhaps return to providing news on their newsletter, that would be a much preferable solution.

Honestly guys, harrassing potential subscribers simply alienates potential subscribers, and at present you are in a league of your own with the frequency of your efforts to do just that.

Please give it a rest.

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Ina said...

Amen to that Chris, I get the same emails. I don't even open them.....I send them to spam.