Sunday, 24 January 2010

Scottish government websites down?

Following contact from a reader yesterday that the Scottish Documents website at appeared to be down, it appears that the Scottish Archive Network site at, the National Archives of Scotland site at and the Scottish Handwriting site at site are also all down. I assume this is due to some form of update, but rest assured, if you're not able to gain access just now, you're not alone!

I'll update when the sites appear to be back online.

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Peter Munro said...

Well, that's a relief !

I thought it was only I that couldn't access the National Archives of Scotland website.

Chris Paton said...

The only thing that surprises me is that usually there is some form of warning. Hopefully will learn more tomorrow.


The Professional Descendant said...

The NAS website seems to be working again now :-)


Chris Paton said...

Hi Kirsty - I literally just posted an update to that effect 5 minutes ago! Many thanks,