Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Scots at War - new STV series

The Scottish Military Research Group has news of a forthcoming STV series called Scots at War, which commences its run on Tuesday January 26th at 9pm. Its not a twee look at how many guys once run around in kilts with guns, but a three part series drawing parallels between battles of old and modern situations, presented by Ken Hames. From STV's press release:

The first of the three hour-long programmes will begin by looking back nearly 400 years and drawing parallels between today’s current operations and historic battle’s.

Over his journey, Ken will look at how Scottish regiments tackle insurgents today and reflect on regiments of the 18th Century who had similar problems within their own borders and had to fight against fellow Scots at the Battle of Culloden.

Could be interesting! The full SMRG blog post, including the full STV press release, is found


Scotland's Greatest Story

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