Wednesday, 20 January 2010

More Borders censuses mapped

Graham and Emma Maxwell, of Maxwell Ancestry, have announced on their blog that they have completed mapping the censuses from 1841-1861 for Kelso and Yetholm (including Kirk Yetholm), and are now concentrating on Morebattle.

The censuses for these areas and many others from the Borders counties have been transcribed and made freely available at their website at - the plan now is to link each census entry to a map hosted by the National Library of Scotland.

Love the name of Morebattle! In 1995 I worked as a researcher on the BBC TV series War Walks, and was stunned to learn that the Battle of Hastings never took place at Hastings at all, but at err...Battle! Typical of Scotland to go one better really. "Battle ye say? Battle?! We can fair better than that - more battle! Aaarghhhh!"

Possibly the placename has a slightly more reasonable derivation....!

Scotland's Greatest Story

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