Sunday, 17 January 2010

Limerick Society of Friends (Quakers) papers

The papers of the Society of Friends, for both Limerick and Clare, have been placed online by Limerick City Council at The records include vital records for the area, and records from the famine period.

Included in the release are:

Minutes of Men’s Meetings (1779-1848)
Minutes of Women’s Meetings (1793-1881)
Ministers and Elders (1832-1853)
Record of Sufferings (1777-1857)
Account books (1805-1951)
Notices of Removals (1781-1864)
Births (1812-1912)
Burials ( 1812-1895)
Marriage Records (1812-1943)
Register of Deaths (1812-1952)
Relief Committee Minutes (1847)
Library Committee Minutes (1826-1842)
Limerick Monthly Meeting Miscellaneous Papers (1817-1852)

(Thanks to Dick Eastman's blog)

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