Sunday, 31 January 2010

Learn Scottish Gaelic - in Andalucia!

A couple of posts back I mentioned how I had been learning Scottish Gaelic in Bristol many moons ago. There's many ways to learn Gaelic. In Scotland is certainly one useful way to do it, mainly on account of the Gaels living there! That's the traditional approach. There was my way, the novelty way, i.e., be an Ulsterman living in England to have a go. Then there is the truly exotic - learn it in Andalucia, Spain, under the lemon trees, with a pool at your feet and the sun beating down on you in all its brilliance.

Damn, I hear you mutter under your breath, if only there was a course in Andalucia. I mean like, what are the odds...?

Oh ye of such little faith! Well known Gaelic singers Gillebride Macmillan and Fiona Mackenzie, along with broadcaster, actress, and all round good egg Rhoda Meek, will be hosting and teaching a course from the evening of Wednesday 28th April 2010 through to the afternoon of Sunday 2nd May, at the Hotel Bandelero in the the village of Júzcar, Andelucia.

Details of the full programme are available at, with a course booking form at

Sorely, sorely tempting....!

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