Saturday, 9 January 2010

Half of Cherokee descended from Creichie laird

Half of the Cherokee may be descended from a laird's son from Creichie in Aberdeenshire - and they are on their way over here! For more, see (Thanks to Kirsty Wilkinson via Twitter).

I actually met the Cherokee at Ocanaluftee in North Carolina, when filming a documentary series in the States for Scottish Television in 1999. We filmed them during their performance of 'Unto These Hills, which told the story of the Trail of Tears, which reminded me very much of the story of the Clearances, and there were other similarities with the Gaels, such as three main language dialects, as with the Isle of Man, Ireland and Scotland. A wonderful people, with wonderful customs and hospitatility.

Pics: Unto These Hills, in 1999, and a Cherokee actor called 'Driver'.

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