Friday, 22 January 2010

Electric Scotland update

The latest material released on the Electric Scotland website (

The Flag in the Wind
Clans and Families
Books of John McDougall
Book of Scottish Story
Oor Mither Tongue
John's Scottish Sing-Along
"Curdies" a Glasgow Sketch Book
Writings of Albert Morris
The History of Our Firm
Johnny Gibb Of Gushetneuk
Scotland's Story
Scottish Life and Character
Bill McLaren
Some Ancient Celtic Customs
James Chapman Craig
Poems of Alexander Anderson
William Dixon Cocker
The Clan System
John of Fordun's Chronicle of Scotland
On the Antiquity of Highland Dress
The Highlands and Islands - Their Social and Literary History 1775 - 1832

With thanks to Alastair McIntyre

Scotland's Greatest Story

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