Friday, 15 January 2010

British Library 19th C newspaper update

John Reid has blogged on his Anglo-Celtic Connections blog that the 19th Century British Library Newspaper Collection has just been updated with a further 100,000 pages. Amongst the new titles featured is a further Scottish title, the Dundee Courier, from 1845-1900, as well as additonal material for 16 other titles, including for the Isle of Man and Isle of Wight, though with no further Irish content as yet.

The JISC site states that a million pages will be added in early 2010, so this is just a first batch, and that "The new pages added to the collection in December 2009 will be an exclusive preview available to UK Further and Higher Education institutions as part of the JISC licence agreement. Access to the newspapers remains via institutional gateways." Having just checked access through a local authority site, there is no sign of the update as yet, nor on the commerically available version to the public at However, with the JISC announcement dated for yesterday, the update must be imminent.

John's post, listing all the new titles to be included, is available at

(Many thanks to John Reid)

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