Thursday, 21 January 2010

Braveheart follow up - the Vikings

Mel Gibson is apparently to make a film about the Viking raids on England and Scotland, as noted in yesterday's Daily Telegraph (see Mel Gibson to make Viking blockbuster). People will be talking in Old Norse apparently and killing people very horribly horribly.

Rumours that the academics responsible for the historical accuracy of Braveheart have again been consulted have been denied, according to a mythical spokesman last seen to be wearing a helmet with horns as he went off to pillage the village. Further rumours from Hollywood outsiders that the Battle of Largs will be filmed in Nigeria are also hotly denied, as are the rumours concerning the hiring of an old man to speak in English as the official source for the use of Old English.

(With thanks to
Debbie Kennett via Twitter!)

Scotland's Greatest Story

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