Tuesday, 12 January 2010

1939 national register and status of fiche at SP Centre

I've received an update concerning various subjects from the ScotlandsPeople Centre's head Dee Williams - here goes!

1) Many people have asked if an address is needed for the 1939 'census' details when making an application - the categoric answer is no. A request should include a date of death, but as noted on this blog previously, if a death is outwith the UK, proof should be supplied from the overseas agency where the death was registered.

For full details on how to apply, see my previous article at 1939 Scottish national registration census records to be released. The original press release is also available at www.scotland.gov.uk/News/Releases/2010/01/12103321.

2) Is it correct that the back-up fiche will be withdrawn from the ScotlandsPeople Centre in February? The answer at present is that "Duncan Macniven, Registrar General, has yet to make a final decision on this matter and my understanding is that he will issue a letter once he has decided whether to change the existing arrangements." It would appear then that the possibility is largely a rumour at present - further details obviously if and when it should happen.

In addition, some some further bits of housekeeping:

1) Customer Version of DIGROS in the Dundas Room

Customers should be aware that the version of DIGROS (the old computer system) now accessed by them in the Dundas room is a clone version of the staff version. The change took place on the 5 November 2009 and was necessary to satisfy security requirements of the government IT network. The purpose of the change was to ensure that customers have no physical link to the staff network. Please note however that the customer version is not currently being updated and it is not expected to be updated on a regular basis until February 2010 at the earliest. I will inform you as soon as I have a date.

I should add that I personally would no longer recommend the use of DIGROS, as it severely restricts what can be accessed for your buck when you visit. It is superior in a couple of ways to the new SP computer system, but honestly, the sheer range of potential of additional resources on the new system, including access to many external sites from the new SP computers, far outweighs what is available via DIGROS. My book Researching Scottish Family History (Family History Partnership) is out next month and deals considerably with the new set up and its potential.

2) Reporting of Errors and Poor Images

Any errors and poor images reported to the search room supervisors are logged and passed across to GROS who update the DIGROS system. In turn, the customer clone DIGROS system, the ScotlandsPeople network and the internet website at
www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk will eventually receive the updates. Therefore, please continue to report these issues because it will lead to all systems being updated.

3) Changes to the ScotlandsPeople Network

I do not have a date yet for when the ScotlandsPeople network will updated for marriage searches prior to 1929 or when it will be updated with re-scanned images or reported index errors.

Once again, many thanks to Dee and the SP team!


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