Tuesday, 5 January 2010

1841 Farmer's Almanac

Whilst doing research on a book project today, I came across an English based family history site which might be of interest to those with Scottish farmers and agricultural labourers in their trees. The Cumberland History site has uploaded a digitised copy of an 1841 almanac -The Royal Belfast Town and Country Almanac - owned by a local Cumberland farmer based in Penrith, which contains pages listing all the main fairs in Scotland on a month by month basis, as well as the great monthly Irish fairs. The farmer's handwritten ledger is also there, listing payments made throughout the year, which may also be of interest, as it gives the prices of many products from the time (as well as names of people the farmer made payments to).

The books have a name index, but not a page index, and so must be browsed one page at a time for the Scottish material. A good read for all those with agricultural labourers or farmers in their tree, which can be accessed at www.cumberlandhistory.co.uk/almanac.


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