Friday, 8 January 2010

1795 Navy Act - database of pay sent back home

Every so often I get an e-mail from a genealogical hero, somebody whose dedication to their interest results in a fantastic resource being made accessible to all. Today that award goes to Dundee based Michael Dun. For some time Michael has been putting together a website resource on the privateers involved in the War of 1812 (see, fought between the British Empire and the USA.

Michael has now uploaded a truly remarkable research effort to his website, a list of those who sent payments back home following the 1795 Navy Act, during the reign of George III. This was "An Act to enable Petty Officers in the Navy, and Seamen, Non-Commissioned Officers of Marines, and Marines, serving in His Majesty’s Navy, to allot Part of their Pay for the Maintenance of their Wives and families", and the database has been created from subsequent records held in the Admiralty's Accountant General's Department collection at the National Archives at Kew (held under ADM 26).

Included in the database are the following:

When received
On whom drawn
To whom payable
TNA reference

The database, a work in progress, so far includes well over 9000 entries and can be accessed as a PDF document at A transcription of the Act of Parliament can also be accessed at

A truly magnificent effort, with records affecting people from across the British Isles. Do check out the rest of the site at also, as there are many other useful records, including British POWS in the USA, and more.

(Many thanks to Michael)

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