Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Who was Jesus' gramps?

Who was Jesus' grandfather? That's the interesting debate discussed in an article in Christianity Today (www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2009/december/24.56.html). Apparently the genealogies of Jesus differ in two of the gospels, Matthew and Luke, with one naming his grandfather as Jacob, the other as Heli.

I'm not at all religious, but it is a fascinating article which I would recommend reading, as it reveals a great deal about ancient Jewish tradition from 2000 years ago, and more fundamentally raises the point that a family tree may not always appear to be what it seems...

Incidentally, my son Jamie was a shepherd in his P.1 nativity last week. I videoed the perfomance and when we watched it at home I asked him who certain of his classmates were playing. The wee lad standing beside Mary and the baby Jesus in the stable, wearing a dressing gown, with a towel on his head, and taking gifts from wise men and shepherds, turns out to have been playing God in an impressive piece of logical deduction, because "he was Jesus' dad"... (my boy misses nothing!).


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