Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Scottish Highlander Photo Archive

Meet Mrs Serafton and family from 86 Church Street in Inverness, in the early 1900s:

Her image, along with hundreds of others, can be viewed at the Scottish Highlander Photo Archive, located online at www.scottishhighlanderphotoarchive.co.uk.

The site will in due course be uploading some 20,000 images of folk from the Highlands, taken in the early 20th century, at the rate of 100 a week. To date, about a fifth have subjects who have been identified, and the site's organisers would like to hear from people who can help to build up more information on those featured. The site is free to view, and prints can be ordered up if you happen to come across your great granny along the way! A discussion forum is also planned in the near future.

Definitely worth regular visits, I can't find any of my lot from Inverness yet, but chances are that if Mrs Serafton lived on Church Street, she may well have known them!

(With thanks to Adrian Harvey for kind permission to use the image)


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