Friday, 11 December 2009

RAF Kinloss tartan

A new tartan has been registered for RAF Kinloss. From the Scottish Register of Tartans website:

The RAF Kinloss Tartan may only be worn by personnel associated with RAF Kinloss, specifically military, civilian and contractors’ staff directly employed by units or companies on the station. In addition, local organisations with ties to RAF Kinloss such as the Kinloss Rugby Club and Kinloss Scouting and Guiding organisations may use the tartan with the approval of the Station Commander.

The design can be viewed at

The idea of restrictions on the wearing of a tartan is worth exploring a bit. I looked up the small print on the website (OK, it's a whopping big page entitled Guidance!), and here is what is offered:

Traditionally owners of tartans have sometimes wished to impose restrictions on the wearing/use and production of their tartan. If you wish, you may express your preferences here, however the Keeper cannot be held responsible for enforcing any such restrictions.

Do you wish to restrict the wearing/use of this tartan?
Owners of tartans have sometimes expressed a wish to restrict their wearing/use to particular groups or individuals e.g. in the case of a Clan/Family tartan. Please note that although your wishes will be published in the Register, no rights can be conferred by the expression of these preferences. The Keeper accepts no responsibility for the enforcement of these preferences. For further information or to register a design right in the UK, please visit the UK Intellectual Property Office at

Do you wish to restrict who can weave this tartan
You may express a preference here to limit weaving of your tartan to a specific supplier. The Keeper accepts no responsibility for the enforcement of this preference. Should you wish to limit weaving to a particular company you should consider registering a design right with the appropriate Intellectual Property Office.

There is no law in the country about what you can and cannot wear. However, the application of a design to a product without the consent of the designer is basically a breach of copyright on that design.

So you actually can wear any design of tartan you wish, but you cannot commercially exploit someone else's design. Whether you wish to walk past the personnel of RAF Kinloss dressed in their tartan is quite another matter though! :)

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Sheena said...

Did you know there's also an RAF tartan and separate ones for RAF Lossiemouth and RAF Leuchars?

Chris Paton said...

Oh undoubtedly! I must admit, the whole tartan industry absolutely bores me to death though...! lol :) I once found the ancient Paton tartan was created in Aberdeen in 1938, and apparently the Patons are septs of the MacLeans and the MacDonalds. Except Paton just means 'son of Patrick'. I just find it all bit bubblegum really, but it does keep people employed and gives many 'worthies' something to pontificate over from time to time! lol :)