Thursday, 10 December 2009

NHSIC will not appeal 1939 census ruling

The National Health Service Information Centre has just confirmed with me that it will not be appealing against the recent decision of the Information Commissioner to allow access to information for those now deceased who were recorded in the English and Welsh 1939 emergency census, created for the purposes of national registration at the start of the Second World War (see 1939 NHS 'census' to be made available in England and Wales and 1939 update - the decision). The service is currently looking into options on how to procede with providing the relevant access.

Ironically, Guy Etchells, who made the initial Freedom of Information Enquiry that led to the decision is now launching an appeal to see if information on the living recorded with both the census and the register can also be released, believing that the Information Commissioner may have misdirected himself - so lots still to report on this in due course!

UPDATE: Guy Etchells has uploaded a transcript of the information he has obtained from his FOI request, which shows the details that one might expect from a successful application - it can be viewed at

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