Monday, 21 December 2009

Meerkats take over Ancestors magazine

Slightly belated this one, but it appears that meerkats have taken over Ancestors' magazine's blog!

Following the earlier experiment of allowing a guest contributor to edit the monthly NRA post (thanks again to William Bones of the British Buccaneering Federation), it has been decided to extend this facility to other minority groups. Consequently, this month’s post has been edited by a meerkat. This may explain any infelicities of style and inconsistencies of grammar, the correction of which, it was felt, might otherwise detract from the charm of the piece. Now read on...

The meerkats evaluation of the National Register of Archives then follows, with searches for institutions such as Covent Garden Meerkat, and Compare the The full report is at

A mythical spokesman for the National Archives has been completely unable to comment as to whether the litle furry critters have taken over Ancestors magazine, its blog, or in fact the whole asylum. A meerkat has given a statement however, saying "We are in charge now - simples!"

To all those outside the UK reading this - normal service will be reserved as soon as possible...!

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Audrey said...

Of course it's true! Next time you see Aleksandr on one of the TV commercials, look for the distinctive 'A' logo os his smoking jacket. And if you don't have a TV, Sergei can get the commecials on the computermabob.

Chris Paton said...

Simples...! :)


Chris Paton said...

And a Merry Christmas to all at TNA! :)