Thursday, 3 December 2009

Irish Roots 72 now on sale

The last issue of Irish Roots magazine for 2009 (December, issue 72) has just been released, with lots of goodies. Amongst this month's offerings:

•Sources, A National Library Of Ireland Database For Irish Research
•DNA - Solving Mysteries And Uniting Families
•From Galway To The Goldrush
•The Irish Diaspora In Mexico
•A Problem Shared Page
•Eccentric Ireland - Co. Louth
•News From The World Of Genealogy And Lots Lots More

And for all Irish readers with ancestors who came to Scotland, yours truly provides a guide on how to research what became of them, in an article entitled 'Tracing the Caledonian Irish'.

All for the stonkingly brilliant international coinage rate of 4.50 euros. A selected preview of the magazine is available at

Professional genealogical problem solving and research

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