Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Irish Family History Foundation changes web domain

The Irish Family History Foundation has announced that it will be changing the domain name through which it offers its online records from to The former name will continue to operate for a whle, but will be phased out in due course.

The site has also announced the following records additions:

Co. Antrim
25,000 Church of Ireland birth records

Co. Armagh
almost 2,000 census records (from the 1821 census)

Co. Down
3000 Church of Ireland birth records

Co. Leitrim
18,000 birth records
7,000 marriage records
54,000 census records

Co. Mayo
42,000 baptismal records,
25,000 marriages
3,500 deaths
28,000 census records

Co. Cork
11,000 births
4,000 marriages
21,000 Gravestone inscriptions
9,000 census

The site will also be placing records from counties Laois, Offaly and Wexford available online in early 2010.

Again, as with the UHF, the cost of the site's records could do with a reduction, being 5 Euros each for a transcript, and no discount available for a bulk purchase. People are not made of money, and at present, particularly in Ireland where the recession is hitting particularly hard, this fact must surely not be rocket science.

Maybe it is just me, but I still fail to see how pricing people out of affordable access to their heritage can be to the Irish family history society movement's benefit.

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