Sunday, 20 December 2009

Genealogy courses as Christmas present!

If you are desperate for a last minute Christmas present for a friend, a member of the family, or even yourself, why not sign up to one of the many online family history courses on offer through Pharos Teaching and Tutoring Limited (

On the Scottish front, I'll be teaching the Scottish Research Online course from April 14th (5 weeks), whilst Sherry Irvine will be running Scotland 1750 - 1850: Beyond the OPRs from July 6th (5 weeks). Feedback from students on the last Scottish Research Online course includes:

"Thank you for the great job you did in the Scottish Records Online class. I learned a great deal, and will learn more as I go through the lessons more thoroughly now that both kids are planted at school!"

"I particularly liked the fact that the course didn't just focus on the well-known BMD resources available, but on a much wider range of websites, including many which give extremely useful background information on the geography and history of the localities where our ancestors lived. I also liked the way some of the exercises in later lessons referred back to some of the sites and resources introduced in earlier lessons, which helped to reinforce what I'd learned before."

"The lessons were organized so well that I will use them as the basis of research on each branch of the family, going through each lesson in order. The lessons were also fun."

If you have Irish blood in you, Sherry Irvine will also be running Ireland: A Practical Approach to Family History from January 26th (5 weeks), whilst other courses beneficial to those studying Scottish family history include The National Archives Catalogue - Finding People (3 weeks), Migration in the British Isles (3 weeks), Developing and Writing Your Family History (3 weeks), Climbing Trees: How to get Children Interested in Family History (4 weeks), Old Handwriting for Family Historians (3 weeks), Military Men and Women: Records of Britain's Armed Forces 1750 - 1920, and many, many more.

A full list of courses is available at The courses are very inexpensive - a three week course will usually set you back just £32.99, whilst a 5 week course is typically just £42.99.

All the Pharos instructors look forward to hearing from you!

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