Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Dick Eastman's blog - viewing problems

Many readers will, I am sure, also follow Dick Eastman's blog at Although mainly American in content, it does provide a fair amount of British items also, and is one of many blogs that I keep an eye on every day when compiling my own blog here.

In the last couple of days I have been unable to view Dick's blog online, and it appears that others have had the same problem. Dick has in fact posted a solution to the problem on his blog, though not being able to view the blog, this was not an immediate help! However, after a bit of Googling, I have now found out what the problem was, thanks to a repost
here of Dick's message. For those still unable to view the blog, the problem is not with the blog, but with Internet Explorer 8, which has basically thrown a wobbly and decided not to play ball when displaying the site's contents.

The workaround is very simple - Internet Explorer 8 has a compatibility view which allows websites that it has a problem with to be viewed as if you were using an earlier version of Internet Explorer. To find it, go to Tools, and then Compatibility View Settings. Type in the blog address in the Add This Website box, et voila - all future visits should work OK. This should also work for any other websites that seemed to work fine in IE7 and earlier versions, but which are struggling with IE8.

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