Thursday, 24 December 2009

1901 and 1911 Irish census update

The Irish censuses release timetable has slipped yet again, but progress is being made, as announced on the National Archives of Ireland's census website at

All thirty-two counties for 1911 are now available on this site.

The site is being re-developed to include full transcription of all of the data on the household forms for 1911, including religion, occupation, relationship to head of family, literacy status, county or country of origin, Irish language proficiency, specified illnesses, and child survival information. This additional information will be launched online on 29/30 December 2009.

1901 Census material, with all data transcribed, will be launched between early and mid-2010.

On the plus side - it is free and worth the wait! The 1911 census has already been released, and has been beautifully digitised, and 1901 will be with us soon. Some 1901 material is available from the Irish Family History Foundation, but in the form of expensive transcriptions at five Euros per look up. Hold on for a few more weeks folks, and you'll get the real deal - original scans from the enumerators' returns, at no cost whatsoever.

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