Monday, 23 November 2009

Your family history - a present for Christmas?

If you are struggling to come up with an idea for a Christmas present, whether for a loved one, for a friend, or just a treat for yourself, why not commission a family history report from Scotland's Greatest Story?

Full details on the service are available at Typically I work on an hourly rate of £18 per hour (plus travel and access expenses), and initial research usually entails a trip to the ScotlandsPeople Centre in Edinburgh, where in a single day seven and half hours research can be carried out.

How the research is directed is entirely up to you. I can research a single direct line going back (e.g. the surname line), or can work back through all generations one at a time - two parents, four grandparents etc. If looking for details of ancestors alone, I can go back a surprising number of generations in a day in most cases, usally to the late 18th century at least, depending on how good the records are. If looking for a more fleshed out tree, with details on what became of your ancestors' siblings, progress will be slower, but the story much more complete.

Robert the Bruce and William Wallace were great Scottish heroes. James VI had a great history and ancestral story. But they all pale into insignificance, kilts, tartans and all - for the greatest story you will ever come across is that which led you to be the person you are today. Scotland's Greatest Story is your story - it would be a pity to leave it locked away in the archives, never to be told!

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