Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Most Haunted - Inverary castle

The new series of Most Haunted has clearly fallen in love with the town of Inverary in Argyllshire. having been to Inverary Jail just a couple of weeks ago, last night they were back to spend a night at the castle. The programme was actually very funny, and showcased the castle's alleged spooky side very well. It will be repeated several times this week on Living TV, but I've also discovered the following, which was clearly recorded by presenter Yvette Fielding after the events depicted in the episode itself.

Whether you believe in wee ghosties or not, one thing the series does do well is to showcase the locations it visits. So if you want to be spooked by a few spooky Campbells, take a look at the the following YouTube trail, and then watch the episode on Living TV!

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