Thursday, 26 November 2009

Medical registers released on Family Relatives

From Family Relatives ( (abridged): today launched over one million records of Doctors, Dentist and Midwives spanning over 90 years from 1853 to 1943. The records provide a fascinating insight and invaluable resource to anyone researching the background of any family member who was a doctor, a dentist or midwife.

A dedicated team at spent several months painstakingly scanning and indexing original medical registers allowing them to be searched on different criteria including surname, forename and date to provide one of the most comprehensive and accurate databases available.

The records pre-date the foundation in 1858 of the General Medical Council, set up in a back room of what is now the University of Worcester to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the community. Prior to 1858 anyone could call themselves a medical practitioner with some of the treatments worse than the disease and devices resembling ancient instruments of torture but it gave an insight into Victorian imagination and ingenuity. The years 1853 to 1943 saw remarkable developments in the field of medicine and notable medical practitioners:

John Snow (1813-1858) - Discovered Cholera
Joseph Lister (1838-1912) Discovered Carbolic Acid (Antiseptic)
Alexander Fleming (1881-1955) - His discovery saved 200 million people
Sir Ronald Ross (1857-1932) - Identified mosquitoes as the cause of malaria

Medical Records:

Medical Registers & Midwives Roll & Dentist
London & Provincial Medical directory 1853
Medical Register 1858
Medical Register 1878
Medical Register 1891
Medical Register 1896
Medical Register 1904
Nisbet's Medical Directory 1909
Nisbet's Medical Directory 1912
Medical Register 1913
Medical Register 1919
Midwives Roll 1920
Medical Register 1924
Medical Register 1926
Medical Register 1932
Medical Directory 1934
Medical Register 1938
Medical Register 1940
Medical Register 1943

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