Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Greatest Scot

From Scottish Television:

Who was - or is - the Greatest Scot? STV is gearing up to find out who the nation really thinks is our biggest hero.

We already had the 30 names chosen by our panel of experts, led by the Right Honourable Sir Menzies Campbell CBE QC MP.

Now we know who the five People's Choices are, nominated by Daily Record readers STV viewers and users. We're holding those five names back until the programme starts on November 9th - just to keep you guessing!

Cast Your Vote

Very soon, though, you will be able to cast your final vote. The FULL list of names, complete with details of each finalist will be revealed on November 9th at 9am. The five programmes will run every day that week at 9pm on STV and then will be available to catch up with on the STV player. You can then vote at any time, either online or by phone, up until midnight on November 22nd. (Full details of voting procedures will be available shortly.)

The winner will be revealed in a separate programme on STV on the evening of St Andrew's Day, November 30th, and will subsequently be commemorated forever in a major new work of art.

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