Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Family Tree Maker 2010 patch

It seems that no sooner has a new edition of Family Tree Maker been released than a patch must surely follow. A patch is being released today, according to the blog, to fix the following:

Improved Relationship Calculator. Direct-line relationships now take precedence over less direct lines.

Greater control over hinting. A new option lets you turn tree hints off, so you can get hints from records only. See the new check box in the Options dialog. Also, the program will stop hinting on trees owned by the logged in user, as well as not hinting records that have been downloaded with a tree from

Improved data and formatting in a number of reports.

Improved support for GEDCOM, PAF and Legacy import.

Many other small changes throughout the program to help it run more smoothly.

The patch will apparently be available from today at

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imgibbons said...

Family Tree Maker has a racket going. They want you to update every year at a charge.....and as usual after the release they have to issue a patch.

Personally I'm through updating.