Sunday, 22 November 2009

BBC iPlayer available on Wii

If you have a Nintendo Wii games console, you can use it to watch all your favourite family history television and radio programmes on your television via a new dedicated and relaunched BBC iPlayer channel.

Until now, the BBC iPlayer has been available though the PC via a downloadable BBC browser, by downloading programmes to watch on Windows Media Player or via a download for portable devices. Whilst the service was launched on the Wii in April 2008, the original version caused all sorts of technical problems with the console, a similar problem experienced by Sky when it launched its SkyPlayer on XBox.

Thanks to a new and free Flash based version developed by the Beeb, the iPlayer has now been relaunched for the Wii as a dedicated channel, and so long as users have it connected to a broadband service, you can watch a variety of programmes from the BBC's radio and television channels. You simply obtain the service for free as a download from the online shop. The service is also available on Sony Playstation 3 and will soon be available for those with FreeSAT in the UK.

It's all great news, but since I installed it yesterday, my four year old has made me watch at least four episodes of Peppa Pig, and he's taken a real shine to the Gaelic version of Postman Pat (Padraig Post) from BBC Alba...!

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