Monday, 23 November 2009

Ancestors 89 on sale

The December 09 issue of Ancestors (issue 89) is also now available, with lots to get your genealogical teeth into...!

Alex Ritchie examines ancestors in business (with a lot of good Scottish content), Peter Day visits Lambeth Palace Library and Archives, Dave Annal looks at bigamy in the records, Philip Carter and Mark Curthoys delve into the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, John Sly looks at personal correspondence from the First World War hidden in TNA Kew, Richard Taylor explores Royal Naval training ships, Phil Tomaselli discovers British graves at Punta Arenas, Margaret Powling explores the history of the glove industry, and Martin Limon examines the problems affecting the arrival of the railway in east Yorkshire - (takes a deep breath before imminent collapse!) - then David Seymour describes the work of the Western Front Association, Fiona Fitzsimons visits the Representative Church Body Library in Dublin, and there's all the usual regulars, including internet news developments from yours so very truly.

There's even a handy wee Unusual Websites Guide free with the magazine.

Honestly, who needs Santa...?! £3.99 at all festive newsagents...

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