Friday, 16 October 2009

Urgent advice - ScotlandsPeople Centre technical problems

If you are planning to visit the ScotlandsPeople Centre in Edinburgh, please be advised that a major technical problem has led to a severely restricted service being implemented for the next few days, for those who have booked in advance only. In other words if you turn up looking for a seat, you will be in for a major disappointment.

My understanding is that this is quite a big problem that may take a few days to sort - it is therefore advisable to contact the centre prior to any visit. The centre's website is at

An update on the situation is expected soon, and I will of course carry it as soon as it is announced.

UPDATE 17.00: I've just heard that the centre has managed to restore its system, and will be open on Monday, business as usual. The centre's website is also now displaying the following confirmation notice:

The Centre was closed on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 October 2009 due to technical problems, but will be open as usual on Monday 19 October.

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