Saturday, 31 October 2009

Suffragette voices online

A BBC Archives Collection concerning the Suffragettes has been placed online for the first time.

From the Beeb:

"This week, a BBC online archive collection of suffragette voices has become available to the public for the first time. Ranging from Dame Ethel Smyth describing her arrest for throwing a stone, to Mary Richardson’s account of being force-fed in Holloway to the photographer Arthur Barrett explaining how he used a hidden camera in his top hat to snap the Pankhurst’s in court, the collection brings the stories of the suffragettes vividly to life. Jenni talks to Kate Wheeler, the producer who oversaw the creation of the collection, about some of its treasures, including four interviews from past Woman's Hour programmes."

The collection is available at

No idea if there are any Scottish contributions in there, but if you have Scottish suffragette ancestors, you should approach the Glasgow Women's Library at for help, as they have a great deal of useful material. The centre is planning to move to the Mitchell Library in due course in 2010, and is currently raising money through its Women on the Shelf campaign, where people can sponsor a shelf that they can dedicate to a woman of their choice, with all contributions building towards a living, working tribute to the great women of Scotland.

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