Friday, 16 October 2009

A History of Scotland - book launch

Neil Oliver, presenter of the BBC Scotland series A History of Scotland, is launching a book on the series at Stirling Castle on October 20th. The official release from Historic Scotland:

There’s a treat in store at Stirling Castle next week for fans of the hit BBC TV series A History of Scotland. The presenter, popular Scottish historian and archaeologist Neil Oliver, will be hosting a unique event to introduce his new book - also entitled A History of Scotland. - and talk about the making of the successful series which caught the imagination of millions of viewers by recounting the dramatic stories of our nation’s rich past.

Historic Scotland, who worked with the BBC on the series in order to feature many of their properties in care, are providing an appropriate venue for the event.

Stirling Castle’s stunning Great Hall is the venue at 7pm on Tuesday, 20th October for the joint Historic Scotland and Waterstone’s event at which Neil will talk about his new publication and the making of the authoritative TV series. The beautifully illustrated book uses the latest historical research and places Scotland’s story in the wider context of British, European and global history. Signed copies will be available for purchase during the evening.

Tickets for the event, priced £5, are available from Waterstone’s Stirling shop at Unit 1, Thistle Marches or by calling 01786 478756.

Neil said: “I’m delighted to be coming to Stirling Castle to speak about A History of Scotland – both my new book and the BBC series. This majestic stronghold played an incredibly important role throughout our country’s history and was the setting for so many defining events of its past. It’s therefore a really appropriate place to talk about programmes and a publication which highlight the dramatic stories which shaped our nation’s destiny. ”

Neil, who was born in Ayr and is a graduate of Glasgow University’s prestigious Archaeology Department, first came to the attention of the public in 2002 in the BBC TV series Two Men in a Trench, which recounted tales of famous British battlefields. Since then he has impressed viewers in several hugely popular series - including Coast and Time Team in addition to A History of Scotland - and become established as a charismatic and passionate presenter whose love of history inspires in others interest and enthusiasm for his subject.

Gillian MacDonald, Head of Visitor Services and Business Development at Stirling Castle said: “Our Historic Scotland properties feature heavily throughout the History of Scotland series. The heritage buildings and attractions we care for hold so many of the much loved and lesser known historical stories of Scotland. We are, therefore, delighted to welcome Neil to Stirling Castle for this event.”
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