Friday, 30 October 2009

Galloway Homecoming Exhibition

The Galloway Homecoming Exhibition is running until December 31st at Stranraer Museum. The exhibition tells the stories of Galloway’s emigrants and explores connections from Galloway and the New York Public Library to the most advanced cotton mills in Manchester, England during the Industrial Revolution. Galloway’s émigré families not only paved the way to new lands but made contributions both at home and away, many of which still have a global and enduring effect today.

Families featured in the exhibition include the Cochrans and Carnochans, the Lenox family, the Douglases and the Murrays.

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Sarndra said...

How i'd love to get over there to visit where my grandad was born :-) He came to NZ in 1925 and never lost his Scottish accent up till his death in 1986. ONE DAY!

Chris Paton said...

Well worth the trip!