Monday, 19 October 2009

Forget Royal Mail - Ancestry also needs postal workers!

Forget this week's postal strikes, Ancestry also needs postal workers - err, sort of!

From Ancestry:

The British Postal Service has made its mark on over 370 years of history, often changing the way we live and work. It introduced the first mail coach, the first mail train - even the first deliveries by bicycle!

Now we need your help to transcribe a set of important historical records - the British Postal Service Appointment books - and make them available to everyone online.

Ancestry World Archives Project - helping to keep the world's stories alive

The Ancestry World Archives Project lets anyone from the family history community help transcribe and so preserve these important historical records.

* All completed indexes will remain free to the public

* Active contributors will be able to vote on which records are indexed next and receive free access to images

The British Postal Service has made over 370 years of history. To play your part in preserving British history sign up at:

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