Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Discover my Past Scotland issue 13 on sale

The latest issue of Discover my Past Scotland (Dec 09, issue 13) is now on sale at for just £2.50.

This month, John Hannavy looks at the Scots at War, Sue Wilkes searches for the Covenanters, I take a look at discussion forums of particular use for your family history research (with a particular focus on ScotFamTree), Jenny Swanson goes in search of Canadian and American relatives, Katie Howard visits Mull, Wendy Glass meets the fishermen of Arbroath, and there's all the usual features, including expert Q&As, the latest Scottish events, bygone days, Homecoming Happenings, and the latest news and reviews from yours truly.

It's online, can be read around the world, and, luv a duck, it can even be downloaded in PDF format! I move that from now one we give God back his real name - the Big Yin (sorry Billy!), 'cos he is clearly Scottish...! :)

The Gathering Special is also available from the site, and all back issues can also be downloaded - a list of contents for each is available on the site.

Oh, and for all you English folk - watch this space...!

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