Wednesday, 7 October 2009

British Postal Service appointment book records to go online at Ancestry

Just posting this now, as I am heading off to Crete in a few hours time for a break!

From tomorrow a collection of British Postal Service Appointment Books will be available for keying with the Ancestry World Archives Project on

The Appointment books were first created in 1831 to create a single, centralized register of every Post Office employee making them of relevance to anyone with an ancestor who worked in the Post Office over the last 200 years. The Post Office has been a huge employer in the UK for over two centuries and the Post Office Appointment Books are its definitive records of employment.

Those who worked for the Post Office included Postmen, Mail Guards, Messenger Boys or Packet Boat Captains.


Date range of the records is from 1770s – 1960s
Approximately 50,000 images and an estimated 600,000 records
Records contain details of name, date of appointment to The Post Office, the grade, place of work and recording any events of promotion, transfer, dismissal, resignation, retirement, or death

This is the first time this collection has been digitized.

The series also includes salary and wages books in the earlier part of the collection.

As with all Ancestry World Archives Project collections, when complete and published online, the index will be free to search.

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