Monday, 5 October 2009

Brian Cox's Jute Journey

I had no idea this was on BBC2 tonight, a documentary following the family history of Brian Cox, one of the Famous Scots featured in the ScotlandsPeople Center exhibition, and the links between the jute industry of Dundee and Calcutta in India. If, like me, you missed the programme, Brian Cox's Jute Journey, you can catch up with it on the BBC iPlayer for the next week at

I noticed in the last minute as the credits flew by (!) that some of the filming was done at St. Andrew's Church in Kolkata (Calcutta). If you wish to find out more about the recent RCAHMS survey carried out at the Scots cemetery there, you can purchase, as a back issue, issue 5 of the online Scottish genealogy magazine
Discover my Past Scotland (April 2009), in which I wrote an article interviewing several of the team involved with the project.

Looking forward to catching up with this programme tomorrow!

NB: More on the programme at

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