Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Webon replaces Trellix Sitebuilder on Tripod

For many years I have been using the Trellix Sitebuilder facility on Lycos's Tripod platform ( to create family history sites for my wife and myself. Tripod has now stopped users from freely editing their websites, forcing them to either pay to continue using the facility or to migrate their sites to the free Webon website building platform. I migrated the smaller of the sites to Webon two nights ago, and have had absolutely nothing but grief since then. The migrated site looks nothing like the original, with text and images horribly placed all over the shop, it takes literally minutes to perform some functions (worse than when I was using a dial up modem).

If you have a Tripod site and wish to migrate it, I'd advise you to save a copy first (as I did), and I would also advise you to wait until Webon is sorted before migrating, as it does not seem fit for purpose yet. In principle, Webon will add more functionality in time (that's the promise) - but it ain't there yet.

** UPDATE Fri 18th Sept: From Tripod **

Very Important Message about the Trellix Site Builder to Webon Migration
Due to popular demand we will be making Trellix to Webon Migration optional for all customers. Any sites that have been migrated but not published can now be reverted to and edited with Trellix. We will also roll out a tool to allow sites that have been published with Webon to be Restored from Archive and reverted to Trellix. Please look for these changes and more detailed information to be forthcoming soon.

Thanks guys, it's not often service providers actually listen to their customers these days, but that is most definitely what I call customer service. You're gems!

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