Monday, 28 September 2009

Little Cumbrae becomes yoga camp

I am lucky living in Largs to have a stunning view out to several islands, namely Bute, Arran, Great Cumbrae and Little Cumbrae. The two Cumbraes derive their name from the same root word that the Welsh word 'Cymry' comes from, referring to the Britons who once inhabited this part of Scotland.

Little Cumbrae (Cumaradh Beag) has just hit the
headlines as it has been purchased by two Glaswegians who are turning it into an international yoga camp, and renaming it as 'Peace Island'. I've been around the island on a rib, but never actually set foot on it, but have always wanted to, in order to see Little Cumbrae Castle, which is a sister castle to that at Portencross here on the mainland, with both guiding the Clyde approach to the Ayrshire coast.

The new owner's son is quoted on the BBC as saying "My daughter is turning around and saying to everyone, 'my grandfather's bought me Cinderella's castle and I'm the Cinderella who's going to live in it'. I think that sums it up. It's a dream that's come true and every time we come here we fall more in love with the place."

Look after it folks - I have every intention in about 30 years of buying it to make it into my retirement home!!! :) And best of luck with the venture!

For more on Little Cumbrae and the castle, see

(Both pics - the 4 islands: in the foreground is Great Cumbrae, left is Little Cumbrae, middle right is Bute, and in the horizon is Arran)

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Anonymous said...

I came across a historical painting of Little Cumbrae Castle about 25 years ago, in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada.I didn't know until last year that the word "Cumray" signed on the painting was not the painter's name, but another version of "Cumbrae". The painting on a papier mache plate was probably for tourists in the 1800's on the steamboats. You can see photos on my ebay auction listing for it #170578442246. The history of the castle is fascinating, especially since my ancestors were Scottish! Cheers, Ingrid